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My name is Laura and I’m recognized the world over for my curation skills.  For hundreds of years — I’ve been the go-to gal to millions of people.  I’ve been summoned; written to; emailed from; live chatted to; instant messaged from; twittered from; facebooked by; myspaced from; linkedin from; — by Kings and Queens; Paupers and Paupets; Peons and Peoffs; President’s and Presidentresses; First Ladies and Second Men; Heads of State and Not-So Heads of State; Princes and Princesses; Dictators and Dictresses; Sheiks and Sheiketts.  All of them require that I “find this” and “find that.”

Okay okay… maybe my resume doesn’t exactly read that way but a girl can ‘thinketh and achieve it’ said the great Napoleon Hill to me as I was curating some stuff for him… well, what I really mean is that I was curating “his” stuff for me.

Although I’m not  ”all that” — I’m truly a super-duper curator of stuff from all over the internet world.  Actually, if the truth were told — I’m pretty addicted and probably need an intervention!

“What’s a curator and why should I care?” you ask.

Well, since you asked — “Curator” is just a fancy schmancy way of saying that I’m constantly digging and searching and locating the next really great fix… I mean… ‘treasure’ on the internet.  I’m always on the lookout for the finest quality products and the best information for folks, myself included.

Look folks — my curating antenna stays “ON” 24/7/365 (however I do take off on that leap year day).  Even my dreams don’t always allow me to sleep restfully through the night ‘cause I’m too busy taking notes on stuff I need to investigate.

I’m pretty much like a museum curator who literally lives and breathes for the acquisition of fine art and objects for display and exhibition.

Although there are a plethora of products here on Really Great Stuff Online! that are practical, everyday items — there are also unique, unusual, silly, outrageous and quirky items —

For instance…

…you’ve only learned 497 tips:

 photo 10-15-2013500-lovemakingtips_zps6d046267.png
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…you need to talk to someone about the other 3 tips:

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…one of the tips suggests that you purchase something intimate for her this Christmas:






…after she receives her gift she’ll probably send you…









…and I’d venture to say that you probably have quite a few ouchies and need…


Sorry — I got a little sidetracked.

Many of these items are too small to warrant their own site — so I did a catchall of sorts for all other “really great stuff online!” items that I’ve come across (so far) and I’m hoping that you’ll find something here that brings a smile to your face.

Another example…

You know that (junk) drawer in your kitchen where you have nut crackers and picks, jar openers, bag clips and ties, garlic and potato peelers, a lemon zester, a couple of channel knives, wine bottle openers, corn holders, and other “stuff” that you wouldn’t delegate to their own drawer?   And those other “as seen on tv” “but wait there’s more!” kitchen products?

Guess what?

You’ve been secretly moonlighting as an undercover kitchen utensil C-U-R-A-T-O-R!  Welcome to my world!

Make sure to subscribe for updates.  I’m always curating new stuff that just might be useful and/or a perfect gift that’ll tickle someone’s fancy.

Thanks for visiting and I’m looking forward to your next visit!

Always sending you the best!


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